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In this 92 card deck, you will find tools to heal, grow, motivate and inspire. The Astro Qabalah deck combines astrology, the tree of life, and stoic philosophy to open up a pathway to spiritual awakening. The Astro Qabalah Card Deck employs the foundations of western mysticism, compiled from proven tracts of wisdom, natural laws, and hermetic teachings, each card opens a fundamental inception and describes the very heart of its relationship to the other. This innovative approach will credit serious study, bring a wealth of knowledge and guidance to all whilst ensuring a wider spectrum of the roots of western mysticism is readily accessible. These cards were created to simplify esoteric teachings and bring together a set of correspondences that home in on the essence and direction of the many paths. The cards have gradually evolved over the last five years into a fully comprehensive deck that utilizes astrology on all levels.  This Deck carries the keys to work with different levels fr

Blood Ore

During the hottest Jamaican summer on record, Clark Mason is fighting for survival when he's offered a Job by DALCO, a Bauxite mining corporation. They plan to open a new seam on Morgan's bluff, a local beauty spot. Clark experiences a backlash to the scheme when a Voodoo warning is left on his doorstep at the camp. Having met the love of his life - the sultry redhead Case Robins - Clark briefly escapes his troubles wooing her amid the tropical white sand paradise. But the impassioned couple become embroiled with a local Mambo and her curse on the toxic blood lakes. Profit, occult, and science clash when the fault seam on Morgan's Bluff suddenly slips. Now the powers of love, belief, and circumstance are tested to the full as Mike Jakarta and his Texan girlfriend, Anne, join forces with Clark and Case. With the new seam wide open, disaster looms as DALCO's Bauxite crews are struck by a whirlwind of misfortune.   ISBN-13:9781916408753 Publication date:12/12/2020 Pages:15